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I love this new script called You’re My Fave in the new A Muse Studio catalog.  It has 6 great big and bold sentiments that are perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Angi, my talented upline, made a similar flower (she has made a whole batch of different kinds but I am partial to orange poppies!) so I wanted to give it a try too.

Let me first show you my first attempt so you can see a flower gone bad…it’s important to follow the steps, believe me!

amusestudio crepepaper poppy gonebad

And now for the steps to do it properly!  I started with Orange and Seattle colored crepe paper from A Muse Studio.  This is a full sized piece folded back and forth until I had 12 layers…you can see that I have it in about 3 inch wide sections.

amusestudio crepepaper poppy1

Next I free hand cut a circle from that stack and also a second circle from a piece of cardstock.  It’s bigger than a quarter for reference…It’s about 1 1/2 inches in its diameter.

amusestudio crepepaper flower petals

To prepare each petal, this is the key!  Take one edge of the circle and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and twist.  You need to do this to each petal and they will actually curve and cup a bit.  If you don’t do this, your flower will look like my first example of a flower gone bad!

Now the layering begins.  I found a clear glue did not work well for me… but place 5 dots spaced about evenly around the white cardstock circle.  add the petals.  Next attach four petals.  Last step, add the final three petals.

amusestudio crepepaperflower attachingpetals

For the center, I learned this particular tip from Angi.  I love it!  The stamen would be okay just plain Seattle, but she upped it a notch but dipping a bit of the tips into Slate Splash – also from A Muse Studio.

amusestudio crepepaperflower center

For my stamen I took about 2 inches of Seattle crepe paper and folded it in half and then accordion style to cut some little snips…see close up below.  After that I dipped it quickly into the splash and let it dry.

amusestudio crepepaperflower stamen

Just use the amount of grey crepe paper you want – fiddle with it a bit until it looks fluffy and then glue down. Done!

amusestudio crepepaper poppy finished

I hope you’ll give it a try and share your results on my Facebook page, Blessings Ink!

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On Monday I shared just a peek of this card but here it finally is!  This is the Holiday Hoopla Hostess Incentive stamp set that A Muse Studio will be giving away for free – to all qualifying hostesses during September and October.  How can you get yours?  Send me an email and we’ll brainstorm how…a catalog party, Facebook party, shoebox swap or, dare I say it?  Host your own!  Believe me it’s possible when you get a peek at the Holiday Catalog coming out on 1 September, combined with our base catalog…oh la la!!

This deer, the sentiment and foliage are just a small sampling of the entire set – it is a must have!  I started with some Sugar cardstock and stamped with Memento Red ink.  Hint:  I began in the center with the two deers with the horns almost touching and then filled in all around.  Next I stamped the sentiment on a scrap with French Roast A Muse Studio ink and cut it out with an Oval Nestabilities die.  I filled in the foliage with Fern A Muse Studio ink, and inked the edges with the Memento Red.  I cut a small strip of French Roast Woodgrain and adhered it to the deer portion…attached some Fern A Muse Studio ribbon over the top and finished it off with the sentiment.  Then I attached that whole piece to a base of Kraft cardstock.  All the cardstocks are from A Muse Studio.  The final ta-da was a small heart using A Muse Studio Heart Trio die set from Fern cardstock.  This card is inspired by one I found on Pinterest but I didn’t save the name of the original artist.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for a first look at the A Muse Studio Holiday Catalog! Also check your mailbox because I just sent out my mid-month Inspiration Tutorial.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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a•muse|studio World Map

amuse studio rubber stamps

 Ode to Steph

Tomorrow, my first born, my smart and beautiful daughter heads out the door for college.

I am becoming a wreck on the inside…and tears are randomly popping up.

So to ignore a little of the internal drama (and whirlwind of last minute must-do’s) I took a moment to make a card.  I started with the Tim Holtz mask as part of the Clean and Simple challenge on SCS.  I have some white paste but wondered what would happen with a drop of Fern reinker from A Muse Studio.  I love the results – it’s probably more a grass color now and so that is Grass cardstock as the card base.  The inner layer is Seattle cardstock.  After the paste dried I had the idea that I wanted a bird in this so I stamped this little guy from All for Love, a stamp set from A Muse Studio.  I used Palette Noir ink and Bristol cardstock.  I get that watercolor paper from A Muse Studio and they will be carrying a new Archival ink for watercoloring that I am eager to try; although, I have been pretty happy over the years with Palatte ink.  I used my new Peerless Transparent Watercolors and the bird dried quickly.  Once I cut him out he looked a little funny just hanging out on the “dots”.  Hmmm…  I looked at my background stamps and grabbed this World Map stamp which is from the new A Muse Studio catalog that just came out this summer.  The Seattle ink didn’t show up well enough so I reinked it with Slate and that was perfect.  A little ink got on my texture so next I would reverse that order!  Next I added a sentiment in Cocoa and thought I’d ruined the whole card – yuck.  It just didn’t work and so I was able to cover it up with the bird – phew!  I added a little Vanilla twine (love the twine that A Muse Studio carries – well worth the money) and stopped fiddling with it.  If you saw my post from yesterday’s Unique Blog Hop, I spoke alittle of my creating process – this is definately one of those cards that I made over a period of time. Texturing, stepping aside and watercoloring, and later fiddling with the assembly – that was squeezed into laundry, baking (tried a new recipe that came out surprisingly well!), picking up the car from the repair shop and setting up a bank account for my daughter.

I think this bird and the world map are fitting as Steph is beginning to leave the nest and the world is at her finger tips.  I wish her a wonderful life and journey ahead!

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A Unique Blog Hop

amuse studio rubber stamps

Today, I have a special post…it is an Unique Blog Hop.  I was invited to join by Debra Miller.  I am in awe by Deb’s kindness and artistic talent.  I think you will be in inspired too of her when you hop over to visit her blog, Cream City Angels.  Deb and I first met when we were both with The Angel Company and we’ve stayed in touch over the years.  I hope to meet her in person one day when I visit my folks in Wisconsin…but until then I am happy that I at least had the chance to meet Debra online!  I hope you feel the same way towards me and I would love to share a little more about myself than normal.

1. What am I working on?

amusestudio stainedglasspoppy peerlesswatercolor

I really love watercolors of all sorts and have taken some online in the past and one just more recently.  I actually have yet to work through all the lessons – so much for summer being a time to “catch up” on things!  I added to my collection of watercolors when A Muse Studio started carrying Peerless Transparent Watercolor sheets.  I was amazed to learn that this dry watercolor had been developed in the late 1800′s and is still being used today.  I’m trying to get some practice with these sheets now that I prepared them into a traveling palatte.  (I have a tutorial here in case you are interested in learning more).

I’ve been practicing on a set called, Stained Glass Poppy from A Muse Studio and also this rose from All for Love.  At this angle you can really see the Gold Dust Splash I added at the end…

amusestudio rose closeup

I think I’ll be playing more this week with my watercolors and trying to finish up my online class.

  2. My Style? What inspires me?

It’s strange, but I don’t really feel like I have one particular style.  I tend to gravitate towards nature (like flowers!  I have not found I can have too many of those)  and while I do ping from one technique or style to another (I can vary from CAS to collage within the same week!), generally I am not into what I call “cutesy”.

I do find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest…it makes a great springboard for me.   I love to look for great color combos or a layout – this is one of my favorite creations:

A Muse Studio rubber stamps

I also find inspiration in catalogs or napkins and have samples pinned up in my laundry room for “future reference”.  Here are two things I picked up while on vacation…

amusestudio uniquebloghop inspiration

3. Where did it all start?

Before I was even married, my mom gave me a little wooden stamp from PSX to “stamp my envelopes – even the bills”, she said.  I dabbled in it a bit more than that (picking up a stamp here and there, especially on ebay) and then in around 2002, I was watching a Carol Duvall show and she made a hanging sign using an Americana flag stamp and porcelain clay.  I tracked down the maker of the stamp and it was The Angel Company… a little more searching and I found out they did home sales and I signed up the next day!  I made so many friends and when I had to move to a new state it really eased my transition and helped me to gain a whole new friend group.  I was tickled beyond belief when some of my card creations made it into the catalogs.  By the way, Deb also tagged Mischelle for this Unique Blog Hop and she was a huge influence on my early stamping and I’m almost embarrassed to be side by side with them, they are so crazy talented!


In 2011 when The Angel Company sadly closed their doors, I joined A Muse Studio.  They had just begun using consultants and I knew I was not ready to walk away from my local stamping group that comes over monthly – or my online friends.  The transition again was made easier with my stamping pals around me and I have really enjoyed the journey.  This year I was excited to find out that I had been named A Muse Studio Brand Ambassador and Rising Star of the year!

me brandambassador2014

4. How does your creative process work?

When I cook, I tend to use recipes.  It takes me a long time to feel comfortable to make something without double checking the recipe…and in a way, my stamping is like that too!  I need a “recipe” to get me started and then I make substitutions or tweaks based on what I have on hand or our preferences.

Paper Playful is a nice blog that consolidates all the sketch/color/theme challenges on a daily basis.  If I am not making a card for a special occasion, I just look through my stamps and see what mood strikes me…and then I may look to Pinterest for layouts or color schemes if I have a tough time getting started.  Other times it’s in reverse.  I see something and I think, “oh!  I want to make that too” and, I run down and find some stamps that I have on hand that will work.  Every so often, I make a card that is just randomly created on my own.  Those are exciting days indeed!

I tend to make one card at a time…and normally I stamp and create a little bit here and little bit there.  My craft room is officially in the laundry room so it’s not unheard of for me to throw in a load of laundry and have the stamping mood strike me!  So often I take little creative breaks through out the day to finish a card.  If I have a hard deadline of a blog post or card class, then I try and carve out a portion of the day to dedicate to my stamping.

As I reread this paragraph I am becoming quite aware that I don’t have a consistent creative process – which matches my personality I think … I go with the flow!

Here’a sneak peek of a card using the new A Muse Studio Holiday Hoopla stamp – inspired by a card I found on Pinterest!  I had the stamp set but didn’t really know what to do with it – sometimes I have too many ideas and need to rein them in a bit.  It helps to find a card I like to just help me focus.   I hope you’ll come back to see the rest of this card…I love it!

amuse studio rubber stamps


I hope I have not put you to sleep by now!  The fun has just begun and I want to introduce you to two more fellow stampers that I have asked to continue the Unique Blog Hop for me.  They will post on Monday, August 25.

Shirley Hotop is a former Angel like I myself and is a retired nurse.  Shirley is as sweet and encouraging as can be. Her blog, Glittered Paws, is full of variety and inspiration and is appropriately named since she has two cats and two dogs!

Gail Park (who also goes by mamaxsix where we met on Splitcoaststampers) has recently started her blog and I’d love for you to pay her a visit and leave some love.  Gail named her blog, Home Made Memories She is a pastor’s wife and mother of 6 (three of which she is still homeschooling)!  I know there are many wonderful memories being made there in her home and I love the collage she made for her dad.

Be sure to visit Deb where this Unique Blog Hop began for me … thanks again for the honor!

PS.  This is my second post for today…you can find my Amusing Challenge winners here.


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Amusing Challenge winners

This is my second post for the day…don’t miss my Unique Blog Hop post today!

Have you seen those Christmas Count-down images popping up on Facebook?  I look away quickly when I see them but I know it’s important to get an early start on Christmas cards so this was a fun Amusing Challenge last week.  Thanks to everyone who participated – as always, it was so tough to pick just a few winners!

11. Ginny B.

4.  Lidya

9.  Alicia

13.  Katie Tate

Please feel free to grab your blog badges and I hope everyone will come back for this week’s Amusing Challenge – it’s all about die cuts!

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