Amusing Challenge winners {late, again!}

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I saw this fun idea on pinterest the other day.  Striped, colored straws are sturdy and we carry them in our catalog.  How do you decorate your front door?!

I seem to be out of whack and I’m hoping to get back into my groove soon.  argh!  Once again, I am posting the winners a day late – my apologies to everyone!  The entries were all very incredible and perhaps I mentally dreaded narrowing it down to just the top three…  🙂  I promise to get back on the ball!

Amusing Challenges8. R. Meyers

Amusing Challenges1.  Suzette

9.  Kendra S.

10.  Lovely Linda

You may grab your award for your blog!  I do so appreciate everyone playing along!  Next week the winner for the Christmas stamp set will be announced…

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog… seems this was a favoraite all around and funny thing was I wasnt even to excited about this one! So glad you liked it though!!!


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