CTMH Seasonal Expressions 2 – Final Days!

CTMH Jack cardmaking stamp set with a watercolor wash background. Flower Market Cricut bundle - stamp set used for "crazy for you" sentiment. CAS card design.

I feel like Cinderella at the ball and it’s about to turn midnight! It’s almost that same scenario at CTMH except for when it turns midnight on Aug 31st all of these will disappear!

Seasonal Expressions 2 catalog RETIRES!

Warehouse Sale ends!
(and new products just posted on Tuesday,
8/29 so hurry and check them out)

August STOM finished…

sigh…I am going to really, really miss this current Seasonal Expressions 2 catalog – especially my favorite little bear in there called, Jack!  I could not resist using him one more time.  I stumbled across Megan’s blog (https://cropcraftcreate.com/2017/08/15/australasian-blog-hop-whats-not-to-love-about-jack/) and was so inspired by her watercolored backgrounds, and she in turn was inspired by another blogger, Carly Tee (http://www.carlytee.com/2016/02/love-this-bear.html)! TIP:  You can make this bear’s arms a little longer than the stamp by hand trimming out the paws and then just extending the “arms” with a black fine line marker!

What rubber stamping supplies do I need to make this card?

Let me share some lessons learned here…  Wait for your glue to dry before trying to outline your words with a black pen.  I almost ruined my pen, eeck!  And, I used some random watercolor paper that I had in my scrap pile and it clashes with the White Daisy base and bear.  I think you’d be happier with the CTMH watercolor paper.

To watercolor I first really wet the paper well where I wanted my paint to stay.  I helped it dry quicker with a heat gun and I liked how that also made the paint puddle and saturate some areas more than others.  And, while my paintbrush was wet with some extra paint, I splattered it across the watercolored piece.  I also managed to splatter the sink and wall surrounding my area…thankfully this watercolor paint by CTMH washes off easily (I haven’t had that luck with some sprays that tend to be permanent!)

CTMH Supply List


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